Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
1: Age: 15
2: How long have you been playing Pokemon: since i was 7 or something
3: Favorite Pokemon: stunfisk
4: Favorite region: hoenn or johto
5: Ingame Activity and Forum Activity: i am really fucking active
6: Small bio about you and you're pokemon life:

my first pokemon game was diamond
i loved it so then i bought emerald. i still have it but i think it's corrupted or something
i played soulsilver, white, white 2 and some gba hackroms
oh yeah i played some of the the mystery dungeon games too, they're p great

i used to play on pokemon showdown and i got my ass kicked several times. i've been trying to play these days but my teams always get deleted

lol have you guys seen pokken tournament
it looks dope af
i want a fucking wii u rn
Welcome sans !

If your showdown teams get deleted, that's because you're deleting cookies, I have all my teams in a backup file in google drive :V
Been playing Pokemon Blue on 3ds. Trying to think of a water grass type to add to my team, any suggestions?

My pokemon are all around level 40.
<opraaa> I contacted the FBI
Ludicolo is awesome, go for Ludicolo

Ludicolo is the only water-grass pokemon but he isn't on Pokemon blue #TooBad
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i made an OU team with mainly pokemon from gen 2

cant post it atm :L
but its pretty nice with specs typhlosion and dd feraligatr
iFred replays
Where's iFred at?