Endurance Onslaught 3.0
you should make it so that only staff can post in here
<Icky> Butler is the worst es
<Reta> can I fire him yet ?
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pena de galinha
asa de urubu
olha aí a nova aurora
vai tomar no cu

boa sorte lifote

Pena de galinha
Asa de urubu
To com preguiça de pensar no resto

Valeu mano ❤️
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Hi, good luck with the new clan. I'm looking forward for seeing where you'll take it.

Thank you!
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Life ur bad

Gl my guy!! Break some clan rules so I can infract you!! Also if you start doing events hmu.

No u

Thanks my man, for sure man I'll try to breaker some rules for you
Alright man, will do
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hope the clan DIES

Jk I love you Life war me


Ily man let's war any time
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you should make it so that only staff can post in here

Hey Butler only staff can post here now thanks
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will achieve rank 1 and then will get official in 4 weeks

2003 clan league champion
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yoo parece que somos allies agr.
GL mates.

yeeee haw
thanks mate
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illuminati confirmed.

don't leak it smh

Ok guys we lost our first war, but there was 3 reasons to it:

Fox is playing in a hotel so he pinged 2 times
I'm in my shop and I had customers in
liquor likes to lift

hey guys we warred liquor and lost
2003 clan league champion
imagine [py]witch lul
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