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omg no dude it's not me , me i wnat join pyramid
I swear it's not me who applied for the adventure
it's not me dude i swear O.O
I do not know who it is I wanted to remove it but it's impossible believe me
so I'm left I contacted someone he told me it was a bug and he had it also I applied for pyramid and his open my two pages adventure and pyramid still in trying to remove the app impossible and voila now you do not believe me

Oh oh I think we're screwed OwO..
This clan was recommended to me by violet and it seems like a clan i'd like to join. I also see that this clan has been made this month, so I want to help the clan develop. (Assuming it really needs to develop) My real name is Justus Spillman and i'm 16. My socks are VERY colorful. I'm currently a sophomore in high school, and i'm like a mix between the 5 major drinking countries and Asian. Also I feel anonymous, so no picture for you .Also violet told me not to give you a picture. I don't have a pet but I want one. My mother is 52. Thanks for reading I hope you consider me.

Application [py]
Hi all, there is only so much you can say when trying to make a good application, but today i'm just going to 'keep it simple stupid'.

I'm going to start off by introducing myself to you all. I'm 17 years of age, i live in Australia but i'm not what you would call your "typical aussie". i'm currently working as a young electrical apprentice, i'm out of school so i'm basically working full time, whenever i'm not working, toribash is usually where i am.

This game has led me to meet great people and i really enjoy just hanging out and having a fun time interacting and playing with one another.

don't know why you want to know my mother's age... but if you insist, she is mid 40's

I had two amazing dogs a few years back but unfortunately one of them died, and the other i had to give back to RSPCA so noo pictures... sorry

nothing to say about my socks really, come to Australia... people don't really wear any

Thanks a lot guy's, excuse my terrible writing, i'm not the best at application's. Cheers!
Asfall and Spectre: your app is under discussion
You guys have been accepted!

Welcome to Asfall and Spectre!
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APP :p
Hello, My name is Posiden but you can already see that. I am 10th Dan belt and I have played TB since 2013. I'm an older member but not that old. I am actually wanting to get back into the forums and the community in general. So I am starting this off with you guys. My name is Scott and I'm of 22 years of age. I will go ahead and throw in that I do have a job and my schedule likes to fluctuate through the week. I do for the time being have my weekends Friday-Sunday's off so that will be where I'm in game most of the time. I can use my phone for the forums. as of right now I do not have my laptop with me ATM so I am borrowing my little brothers. I have a few hobbies which include: Drawing, (buying the equipment right now but) tattooing, dabble on the guitar, and just recently started going to the Gym. I do not have discord or anything (yet), but will get if needed. I am a pretty relaxed and chill person when it all boils down. I have mentioned that I started playing back in 2013 but between 2014-2015 I took a break and between 2017-late 2018 I had quit and thought i would be gone for good due to someone stealing 20k TC from me..... but I have realized that it is in-game currency and I shouldn't have left. Well I guess that concludes my presentation. I would like to hear back from you guys.

a returning player
NF- "You don't like me? that makes two of us"

Hi, am Wumpus. I don't see myself as an interesting person and I would like to join the clan. (Violet wouldn't stop bugging me to join the clan.) I have been playing toribash for around 4 years (5th dan black belt). For anyone who doesn't know me personally, I am really shy and don't find myself socialising very often, I prefer to remain anonymous and keep to myself.
Am Womp
Posiden: You have been accepted! Welcome to (py)

Wumpus: Unfortunately your application was not accepted. Feel free to apply again in 30 days.
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My name is Artisan. I am a 15 year old Korean currently residing in the US. I have been on Toribash since mid 2012 and have had a lot of experience through many different clans. My most notable clan I've been in is AS. (Still the #1 clan I believe.)
Anyways, Toch and I eventually carried AS. I'm not even saying that egotistically, Toch and I would war every single day eventually taking out every competition possible.

I take ABD in Toribash spiritually... I would consider myself to be very skilled in the mod.
I have a 78% win ratio as a 3rd dan. That means nothing but it's a fun flex.

I enjoy many types of socks but I'm never gonna wear them in my house.

Btw not a flex or anything but (Playlist of a few AS wars)

My mom's age is 12
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