Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
My application
Here is mine
I am Nebula(original nick lumeri2), i've been playing TB since 2011 and created this account just 7 months after i started playing, i am a very active player both ingame and in forums.
Things extra about me
i've been leader of some clans, 4 or 5, i am a war soloist, even tho i like warring together, i really like playing and testing myself into deeper and most difficuly scenarios when i need to find a new technique or playstyle.
I mostly Play ABD or lenshu, but my favorite mod is Ninjutsu, which is my best mod.
I live in Brazil, my name is Lucas, i am 18 years old(yeah started playing this at 10), i don't do much outside gaming, i have a little sister and things i mostly do is study or home chores :p.
Why i wanted to join Pyramid
I wanted to join because: One, one of my close real life friend who plays called me; Two, because i really think pyramid has some of the nicest people on this entire community and three, i think i would love to help out with clan activity, and boost the clan more.

My discord is lumeri#4759
You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
Yeo, my name is Pedro, I been playing this game for a minute now but mostly on and off, but I recently decided to come back and Pyramid seem's pretty chill, I've played with a few of your members and everyone always seems polite.

I was born in Brazil but moved to NY 6-7 years ago and haven't gone back, my Portuguese is now garbage and I basically have an accent in both languages that I speak so there's that lol. I am 21 (


), I like fashion, weed and uh idk any out door adventures honestly, I went cliff diving a few weeks ago off of this 40ft spot by a highway.

I am usually on discord/my computer thru most of the day but not usually on at night unless it's like 2-3am EST. I am also going on a trip this Friday and I'll be gone for 6 days but I should be home for good and playing a lot after that, cheers!
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Nebula: Unfortunately you got rejected. Feel free to re apply in a month

Inmate: Under discussion. Thanks for applying
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