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>>fl0w<< [Wushu scrapbook] ~some wushu tutorials

[link to book will be inserted here soon]

This is a PDF book about wushu improvisation that [fl0w] members use. In this book you will find advices, impressions, teachings, images etc. written by our prominent wushuers. It is knowledge collected playing Toribash wushu mod for years.
It will all be composed together to enrich our knowledge, to give some tips for our new members and for every player in Toribash that is interested in using wushu improvisation.
We, as a wushu clan promote our style of play with this book.



naab wushu tutorial by some random naab

Hax's Guide To Comebacks by hxcbbqimo

Wushu Manual by Odlov

thats probably all
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a technique I like to use in wushu is staying low to the ground whenever possible and keeping wrists contracted. but i'm not too terribly good
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i use poise for improvisions to dodge low attacks. i normally relax all if i dont have any ideas for come back positions. i use turtle style to dodge high attacks and use my legs or my wrist to launch myself forward or upward to counter my opponent's attacks.
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Well, I'm not an old ass player, I'm less experienced than you guys so I don't really feel like I'm able to teach wushu :p but I'll try to write something cool about it.

I'll edit this post every times I've something new to add.

"First of all, Wushu's a (toribash)martial art. Art means it's all about doing how you feel like... I don't think there's any standard way of playing, each player has his own style. And don't forget art is also about being artistic and having fun ;D
Then come the martial part, this one is all about mind and self control. Do not panic when your adversary attacks, block him. Do not panic when your tori's approaching the ground, relax and land like a cat.
Like in every martial art, skill comes with hours of training, no matter how talented you basically are, if you don't train, you don't improve.

Wushu is hard but it's like every other mods, you need to see the whole movement and use it to get more momentum, speed and strenght. I personnaly play a lot with the relax key, almost every turn, so the gravity slightly brings your limbs toward the ground and makes you more stable. And playing relax makes you smooth and cool ;D

(more to come)"

I haven't made mention of the concepts of "impro" and "premade moves", I guess one of you will :]

I think I'll add some basic tips, like how using the whole body is important for kicking/punching etc...
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a technique I like to use in wushu is staying low to the ground whenever possible and keeping wrists contracted. but i'm not too terribly good

I notice this,and it bakes for some good counters if the opponent is attacking you.

Flying high sometime leads to loss of control,and a skillful player on the ground can change the angle of his comeback,to exploit your defense:Either being contraction of knee,to attack later;or contraction of elbows to protect the face.The best part to attack would be the body in this case,or the joints like shoulders and hips.It's still hard thing to attack a landing opponent,as he has the advantage of gravity with him.It will take a high level of accuracy and patience to do it.

My Wushu tip for the day.
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i think, like most good wushu players, that countering is one of the most important aspects of wushu. but so successfully counter your opponents attacks, you first must master the art of learning how to read your opponent. this means you you have to be able to predict what he/she is going to do, then plan your move accordingly.
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nice tips guys =)

here is my:

problably everybody know here xD, low comebacks are better, in speed, direction etc, and remember that every joint of your body can help the movement, and I mean EVERY joint, in strengh, faster etc...

EDIT: also, try to avoid doing punches, unless you have 100% sure that you gonna hit, cause punches makes your head closer to uke, so it can be hit easily =)

well I guess this is all I can remember right now xD
I'll try to add some more later =)
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I like to use the "C" button every turn and use the momentum from previous I can access fresh new joints each turn. When I am close to ground I use hold all and move 1 or 2 joints to gain balance, but if I get to close I use relax all and fling myself instead of launching (hold all result)
The style I use has little power...but again I use close combat fighting so power means little to me =)
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a must for comebacks is to prepare for a comeback 2 to 3 turns before you actually have to, to try and prefect angle and positioning. If all else fails relax-all then adjusting a few joints can work amazing for on the spot changes.
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