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This thread has been raped to make it more direct and useful, as such most comments will be found in the scrap comment.

tMediator <-- thread with explanations and instructions MUST HAVE
This program is made for you to know which of your friends are online now.
It lives in tray and notifies you if some of your friends/clans are online (showing what server they are on now).

DeScript 1.3
Toribash custom framework. EPIC and very usefull. ( auto loading shaders, mod builder and lots of things )

fl0w custom menu 1
fl0w custom menu 2
Toribash custom menu for clan.


KVirc irc client
Most simple irc client ever. Just click one icon and you are on any channel you need.
Download KVIrc

how to KVirc (uber short guide)

use #fl0w (click here if you can't use kvirc but u should always stay here..) MUST USE

Randomize joints
Two scripts that will randomize your joints. Yay!

Toribash forum rules
Anything about what and what not.

tb pallete for Photoshop
yeah, kinda obvious

lenshu training mod

to train in lenshu

comback training script
comeback training script by nirs
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