oh, a story, i haven't noticed it earlier, few days ago i was reviewing all(all that i could find) events/comics/toribash themed artwork of yours, watching how artist changes his style over time is fun aswell.
damn, i'd like to turn this story into a movie, looks better than twilight.

<8OJ4N>Dark hax-a-lot
<8OJ4N>sounds like a knight

I started writing this as a prelude to forum game, but since there are no live souls left that would play it... Why bother?
It's a forum game, you play it when you can, etc. No GMT and shit, that's why it's good, play-by-post is better than: ''Please guys, go in game, suck each-other dicks, please, event is on hold because of you, please be gay, please... etc''
It is not like deadly game. You don't solve riddles and shit.
Anyway, not enough interested people. Place is dead, abandoned and inactive, and I don't even know why we bothered to resurrect flow?
Where those bold words have gone William? You said you will keep flow afloat, oh, great leader... Worst lies are those you are telling yourself.

Idk, I plan to go away. So much apathy these days, nothing is going on. Nothing.
Snake was right, sadly. There comes a time when you must admit that you just have spent huge amount of time deluding yourself that something great will happen in this community, it's just a round a corner, just wait a bit more... And then: shit.