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[Basic Wushu Deck] For Every Player to Use

This is the Basic Deck that every player will get at the beginning of forum game Toribash Wushu Masters.

It consist of 6 ATTACKING cards (2 of those are also COUNTER-ATTACK cards), 2 BLOCK cards, 1 DODGE card and 1 GRAB card.

IMPORTANT: When you want to form your deck, order of the cards is very crucial thing!

Due to mathematical equation used to deal cards based on the 'virtual dice' data that I use from your Toribash replays, cards that are in the middle of the deck sequence
tend to be dealt first! With this in mind, I've already set this sequence so it will do solid results.
This doesn't mean you have to follow this example, set the card sequence as you think it will be best for your style of play

So, the 10 card sequence is:
Zenkutsu Kick (CA), Throat Grab (G), Basic Zenkutsu Kick (A), Simple Block (B), Basic Zenkutsu Punch (A), Basic Zenkutsu Punch (A), Simple Block (B), Basic Zenkutsu Kick (A), Fast Dodge (D), Zenkutsu Punch (CA)

To form your sequence, first open SPOILER. For the SPOILER name set: [your nickname - basic deck]. Then right click on the first card you want to set in sequence and choose option copy image url, then use button insert image, and copy data to the opened tab. Do the same for the rest of the cards. If you hit space after every line of the code for inserting images, they will be set like these one above (4-4-2, 3 rows, close to each-other).

Or, if you have problems with this method, just write your sequence and I'll do it for you.

Here is the Example fight between Deprav and Smogard49!
Please read it so you will have better understanding of the game mechanics!


Deprav suffered muscle strain, while Smogard49 just passed with few bruises, but still...
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"William-basic deck

I've set your C-Card in your spoiler. ~Boki
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Your messed up world enthrills me

Benji - Basic deck

I've set your character card inside your spoiler. Drawing is based on your head texture, so you are some kind of a rock-body kid. :] I hope you don't mind. ~Boki
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Deut - Basic Deck

Card for you have been made ~Boki
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Vam - basic deck

Your card is finished! ~Boki
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I'm taking a break from tb but since this's forum-based stuff, I can take a part if you still need some volunteers.
Not the smartest choices but hey, it's beta, I can fool around a bit.

Character itself


I've put your C_Card inside and organized sequence a bit, so it's compact. No need to thank me. :} ~Boki
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Scorpio-basic deck

Your card is finished. ~Boki
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