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[Forum Game] MAP - Toribash Wushu Masters - Northern Province of ToriWold

RPG GAME MAP - ToriWorld - Northern Province

This is the map used for the TWM forum game.
Map is hosted in my public DropBox folder, so every time I update the image on my home PC, this image will also get updated.
Process is automatic and depending on file size it take 2-5 min to be done.
Once the map is updated, it is enough to refresh this page in your web browser and it will show new uploaded image.
Since this map will have updates on daily basis, every time you open Toribash forum image will be already set.

Map Info:

Towns are presented with yellow markers.
Villages are presented with blue markers.
Dojos are presented with green markers.
NPC camps are presented with red markers with exclamation sign.

Players will be presented with purple markers, with names and sign.

In time, some new markers will be set on this map, that will present NPC encounters which my be friendly or hostile, or will have quest for you.

Hostile NPC markers will be presented with red color and exclamation sign.
Friendly NPC markers will be presented with deep green color and exclamation sign, and if they have a quest for you, sign will be a star.

If you find some secret location it will be also set on map, marker will be in gold color.

That's it for now.