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April 2023 Transparency Report
ToriAgent Transparency Report

Hello and welcome to the second ToriAgent transparency report. These transparency reports aim to let you, the playerbase know about the work we do as moderators in the background. No names, or other confidential information is ever going to be posted in these reports, and instead, we're going to focus on the statistics of the previous month.

Report Counts

Last month there was a total of 58 reports from in-game and forum combined. With a total of 58 reports coming from the game, and 0 reports coming from the forums.

Handled Reports

Out of the 58 in-game reports, 39 reports were closed for various reasons, while 20 reports were handled.
Out of the 0 forum reports; since there were no reports on the forum, there was nothing to handle.
This brings the total closed reports to 39, and the total handled reports to 20.

Report Types

Out of the 58 in-game reports: 41 were toxicity related, 2 were spamming related, and 15 were for other reasons.

imagine getting reported for toxicity in a wushu lobby 😭😭
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I am sorry but the math bothered me so hard on handled reports. 20+39 is 59 not 58
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