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[Event] ground texture
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalrighty then
objective: make the slickest sexiest pTLL] ground texture possible
Prize: a ground texture item to display your new creation on!!!!

no c/p
allies welcome
no stealing or plagiarizing
post 512x512 and 128x128 version

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Free Pv2Caribou
not the best and btw this is the only size i can post srry
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<[w]Cold> god damnit tristan
<[w]Cold> wheres my full 128?
my computer is so fucking retarded it wont upload anything atm.... =.=
<[w]Cold> god damnit tristan
<[w]Cold> wheres my full 128?
Already started my work on a ground text.
In a few days (1-3) it will be posted here.
I'm managing to do something that represents the members, therefore the clan itself.
Wish me luck :3
So what noone else it posting?... so does hat mean I win!
<[w]Cold> god damnit tristan
<[w]Cold> wheres my full 128?
sid posted a preview and i'm almost done with mine
don't worry
there is no rush on this event
Free Pv2Caribou
I'll start working on this because i reformat the pc and i deleted everything
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