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SP Replays!
This thread contains all the old stickies
the posts are in chronological order
so good luck finding anything
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MP replays
because its way to cluttered to have them both in the same thread
post your multiplayer replays here

here are some of my best aikidos
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1hand.rpl (57.7 KB, 17 views)
aikido kick.rpl (43.6 KB, 15 views)
pro aj.rpl (63.1 KB, 15 views)
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Applications Thread
Want to join TLL?
here is how
join irc (link below)
talk in irc
post in forums (be nice, don't be a kiss ass, don't be spamy)
when we forget that you are not a member you win


Join the TLL IRC and /query Fear091. Be patient and wait to be tested. do this after a while of posting etc.

If you pass you may be tested in-game. noone gives a shit about how you beat hampa


In addition to the test, it's recommended that you post an application. after the test which is after you've integrated yourself.

Who are you:
Past clans:
Why you left said clans:
Other info:
what sport do the bruins play:
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