Username: orion
Belt: 4thdan
Mod(s) that you feel you have mastered: aikido, sparring, wushu, etc.
Mod(s) that you are (willing|want) to teach: steelpackage.tbm
Lesson plan:

Running like man:
we will begin by learning basic pushes and balance
then into more intermediate turning and breaking off into attacks
finally we will cover how to add flare

GMT: -5
Time Available: sunday all day other days pm or contact via irc
Free Pv2Caribou
Best Time For Training: Well cant do it for a week now cuz im going to Cali. So maybe around the...maybe the...Hmm. It might be a while because afte cali i have a rodeo all week. Soo maybe bout the 10th or 11th.
Havnt played in years...
aw... D:
well i hope you have a great time in California.
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Herpa Derp.
Either way, Loling at orion.... We have some potential recruits. Why not have them enroll.
Username: greenightmare
Belt: white ( but i used to be a blackbelt account got hacked )
Mod(s) that you want to be trained in:freerunning ,parkour,sparring,wushu,and thts it i think.
Mod(s) that you feel you have mastered: hmmm i think i mastered judo and akido
What time is best for your training:anytime there on i should be on just tell me
I wish I could apply for teacher..

OMG 201 POSTS F*** YEAH. *ahem* So yeah.. Can I apply for teacher or..?