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Canceling bets.
This is a thread concerning the ban of someone canceling bets that were around 1%. People getting banned for enforcing the 10% rule. To my knowledge, laithoon got banned for enforcing the 10% rule. I don't see how that was a problem, when he enforced a server rule, to benefit the players so tc does not sink, is ban worthy. If i bet 1million tc, and i get a 1k counter, I would want the host to cancel the bets. Seeing as you can only get 5x what you bet, you would then sink approximately 995000 tc. I don't think that banning the person who preserves this tc from simple falling into the void should be a bannable offense. My point here, allow host to enforce the 10% rule in order to prevent the sink of tc. It's utter bullshit to ban someone for trying to save TC. It's our servers, let us run it the way we want to, without the loss of TC.

i miss you ocean