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I am newbie
My name is Gorlery.
I come from Alaska.
My hobby is playing foottball and reading ,and I am also an anime fan. And I am into cars ,they are so interesting.
I am glad to stay here, hope we can become good friends, exchange learning.I think we will become very good partners and friends.
I just come here to want to leran more !Thanx.

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Hey Gorlery ;)
You should check out the game if you haven't already, you'll meet lots of new people there.

If you want to stick around the forum make yourself aware of the rules before you go posting around ;)

Moved to Introduce yourself for you.
Hello and welcome to the community Gorlery.
First of all, sorry if some of the Toribash users used bad words etc.
If you need help, you can goto Unibash.
If you need a clan, I would suggest [Bleu] the beginners clan.

Be sure to read the general forum rules which is placed at the Beginner Sanctuary board (Yes! The mother of this board.)
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rip aelise, she wil b remembrd
hello and welcome to the forum
if you want to post something please read the sticky or the rules first
if you have a question you can ask in rapid thread or in IRC #Support

have a nice day ;)
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welcome i hope i can meet you on toribash because i like newbies they giveout new ideas
Just got an Mp3 player and broke it >Click<

if you looking for a good move then heres a good move

Contract Left Pec
Extened Right Pec
Extened Right Knee
Extened Right Ankle
Space x5
Make sure the distance is 100! You kick their left arm off!
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