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I greet thee, people of Toribash. I'm new, obviously, just started today after seeing my little brother watching a video of the game. I'm hoping that the difficulty of mastering the game, or at least getting better, won't turn me off. It would be cool to become competent enough to play with most other people.
Well heyo there kamen. Hope you enjoy yourself in the community.

As for the diffuculty you spoke of, all I have to say is practise makes perfect ;)

Also if you want to learn about the game (ingame, art, video making, marketing, clans, modding...), then check out unibash.

Plus, don't forget to read the rules in every board before you post ;) (You don't want infractions to come your way eh? :3).

And finaly, got any question, anything, PM me.

Have fun and stay out of trouble
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Welcome to the community mate, If you need some one to lend a hand ingame feel free to send me a pm ;].

Welcome KamenZero !
You will have a aloth coming your way in here wt that great attitude and politeness !

Wn it comes to the game, my advise are to play aloth wt other freshmen and then some in the mixed rooms, the inspiration and learning you get from senior players are good but to grow wt your "siblings" are the best learning (see Shaolin kung fu, Shaolin=youg forest)

Hope you enjoy your way up the ranks and come kicking my ass in a while !
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Sorry for the late reply, haha. Thank you all for the kind greetings. I've been making my way up the belts recently, I'm an Orange belt. Yaaay.