Why would they want to revive, when they are in clan heaven now.
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Because its the best clan ive ever seen and contains legends ,thats why i hope they revive the clan again.
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why there is members in RAWR untill its dead ?
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It's just no one usues my shit .
RAWR is a legend clan. it will live forever in the archives of the legend board.

it's half alive. it still has the tag they just can't war, invite, have a board but they can reapply to get the things again.
It is sad to see that this clan is dead, I assumed because of it's history with in the Toribash community and all it's fame that it would live forever. Everybody lets thank the try hard mod that decided to randomly start killing clans. I guess he had nothing better to do.
Yeah, I agree Suck. These mods are truly clueless and probably don't even think of the community when doing anything in this game.