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Introducing Myself!!! :3
Hallo! My name is Sandy (or DiscoShark) I identify as a cinnamon poptart, AND I am Kozmonaut's girlfriend IRL!! (He told me to say that i'm his girlfriend because i guess he knows a lot of people that play the game :3) He has bugged me to try this game for a while, i haven't played it much, i played like 1 game and got rekt, BUT imma try to get better and stuffs.

ANYWAYS i hope i can make friends with ppl or something, Mike (Kozmonaut) will probably introduce me to a bunch of his friends

Ahh so you are the one he has been talking bout :P
Anyway welcome to the cult Toribash, I am sure Koz will show you the ropes.
Hi, I'm a member of the Event Squad and Super Moderators. I am also an ex-Clan Squad member. Have any questions about clans or otherwise? PM me.

Discord: Typhus#0201
splish splash Aeon is still trash
Kozmo you stinky doge now i wonder if you made an alt just to show off,
*throws Police uniform boot at Kozmo*
*picks up the boot*
"i'll need this soon"
pics taken or didn't happen
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