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Tori Costumisation in-game (Presets)
So I thought it would be cool to have costum presets ingame.

Instead of picking individual things, like 3d items and colors in-game, you can save presets that would take less time to activate.

So the concept is;

You pick the color, ghost, 3D items etc and when you're done with it, you can press "Save preset" and give it a name.
The presets will be in its own category, either inside the "Open Inventory" or underneath it, like a small "Tori presets" button.

When you want to do some changes in that preset, you can go into the preset -> press Inventory -> choose whatever and then hit Save.

Instead of the idea of Sets, where you can't duplicate the item as a copy so it's easier to activate the items you want to switch.

Upside / Downside with this concept?
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