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Realtoriboxing Changes.
- Glove = DQ / Timer

In real boxing, if your glove touches the ground, you get a count, so.

- No damage on arm or leg joints, only Abs Lumber Chest and Head

If you've played Realtoriboxing, you'd know that the most FRUSTRATING thing is when you punch a guy, and he someone does more damage because of of the force the punch puts on your own arm. It's like all the careful planning you did with that left hook just turns around and says "Fuck you!" then leaves you for the other guy.

- Faster timer, more frames

You really only need to worry MOSTLY about the arms and chest to throw punches, maybe every few turns you adjust legs for balance but that's it. It's a very simple mod, no need for that long of a timer.

And too many times do people get 5000 damage and run away by falling backwards intentionally, give more frames to allow chases.

- Ranked servers?

- Smaller ring

More action. Pls

Thanks for reading, pls implement 2017 atleast
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If you want to edit a mod either do it yourself or request it in the mod forums.

Changes to the actual public server.
It's a mod, someone can't just change rules like that.

Someone has to make a whole new mod, after that you can ask staff to change the mod in a public server here.

Like rage says, you can make one yourself (edit the current mod in notepad I believe) or request someone else to do it.
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