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I refuse to trawl through this board for hours, so would someone do me the kind favor of linking some new video talent for me to peruse?

your request to not spend hours trawling has been denied.
i made a mega gallery showcasing all the best vids/vid editors over the years.
mostly in chronological order, newest ones are at the bottom, obviously.

names to look for, if you pressed for time:
slycooper, mocucha, macperfect(he came back after you left, so he has two sections in the gallery), oracul and tyzi.

thanks for linking erns stuff in your last post, couldnt view his stuff over here for some reason, will get on putting him in.
would love your input on names that ive forgotten or overlooked.

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Speaking of, has there been any updates to the old freecam .lua script?

there have been a couple of moves into improving it, fnugget reworked it at one point, but it never took off, was too complicated or something.
warhero came up with bezcam, made use of some nifty coordinate points or something like that, was much easier to use than freecam, but couldnt get it to work with raytracing or something, dont think he ever bothered to fix it, died off quickly because of that.
not sure if the current version of freecam is any different from way back when, but sofar as i know, its mostly the same.
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