oh no bojan is going to get waves and waves of "WHEN IS CHIBIBASH GOIN TO HAPPEN"

hi [T] mom

Hi tonakai, I read your report against bullshit testing methods of GMs and I have seen you in action. gj
Woah Tonakai I expected that coming.
Return 'blood' server

And bojan
based Tamer0 deserves this, he's one of my favorite people ever
[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~
None of you deserves this honor goes away.
I'm jks

You all defninetly deserve this.
Especially tuna, tamer and bojan
about time Tamer0 got legend aswell, he would have been the first if it was my decision
oh yeah