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Bring back Bleu.
Seriously, since the demise of Bleu there have been too many nooby clans coming up. It isn't that much of an issue, but it is becoming one. Instead of actually joining clans, the new players all make their own. Like I said, it isn't much of an issue now, but it has been slowly getting worse since Bleu died.
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Get over it dude, ClanMonster gets its money and why stop people from the challenge of running there own clan, By all means bring bleu back yourself if you want, but im not sure if other people want to spend the time and effort to teach newbs that will quit the game after a few days.
Clans are a challenge just like what laxo said
People want to manage their own clans so they could be able to become rich and popular. Who knows? A brownbelt can make an official clan with hardwork and commitment.
It also stops people from quiting toribash and making our community bigger.

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The can name their clan bleu if they want also, Its not hard to do. Most new clans die quickly anyway so there is no problem.
Laxo, If I were to bring Bleu back myself (Which isn't a bad idea) that would mean I would have to leave Card. No thanks.
We're all going to Hell, we may as well go out in style
Death is a promise, and your life is a fucking lie
I agree with you Regent, I'm sick of all these clans just popping up out of nowhere, it seems like every time I come on, BAM there's a new clan I haven't heard of in a room. These new clans are just getting annoying, I didn't mind them before, but now its just frustrating, and most of these people making the clans are 'noobs' as you call them, not even a black belt yet, and recruiting as many people as they can. I can remember one clan who had reached maximum players within 4 or 3 days. I think this is a valid reason, so yes, bring back Bleu. Some of the trainers don't even need to be in the clan itself, just have certain trainers who are good in the mod train the people in the clan. The idea is sorta hard to word, but you get the gist of it.

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Sorry Erth, I was just trying to help.
I would be quite happy to bring back a clan like bleu, I would need about 7k for the toriclan.
If I get enough support I will start up bleu again (I might change the name but still do the same things bleu did)