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"Did you know" And beginner tips
Why aren't there beginner tips and funky facts about the game and the community being displayed ingame?

What I'm thinking is having a thin section of the ingame screen (particularly in multiplayer) display fun facts and beginner tips. These tips can help refer new players to the forum and let them explore the deeper parts of the community.


"Hector was awarded his own unique relax for being the first player ever to obtain all items."

"The forums are a great place to trade items, discuss strategies and showcase replays!"

"You can use the in-built modmaker to create and customize your own mods!"

"On the replay forums you can compete for large ammounts of Toricredits by beating in-game records!"

I don't see the negative implications of this and it should be really easy to implement.

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Good idea of integration !

With jisse's approval, we could all post some "tips" here, and he could make a list of the ones he thinks are good on his first post?

Definitely doing this!

Post away!
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Post away!

I think there should be first some guidance through the forums, so that we'd make sure the new players get all the tools needed in their hands :

Forum Guidance lines

These might a little too formatted though, I'm not the best at forum language (at they even called threads?), but they'd get the job done I think. I tried to keep them short, too