wth you're legend and i'm not
risk ban him?
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 will be released on 26th of August oh my god I can't wait aaaaa
also hollly shit Shadowgate remake was just released on Steam, brb playing the shit out of it

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finally you will have more important stuff to do rather than posting in clan threads.

aw man, I enjoyed doing that. now I'll just get "omg it's a legend" responses. sigh.

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also hi what's up

thanks. hi. not much just hanging, responding to the messages I have gotten in this thread and hyping on The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 and Shadowgate.

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Hi TonTon, congratz. May you make me a cool swag avatar for free? :o

hi. thanks. sure, here:

may the cool swag be with you

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whats it like moderating the worst board in toribash

which board? I can moderate all boards

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How it feels when your nutshell thread turns into mere crap in several days

it has been crap for years, idk why didn't I shame it earlier. it was great when people actually made comics like when the thread was made, but now it just became the place to go to when you want to publicly humiliate someone. and that's lame and everyone who likes doing that should be ashamed.

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Hi tony ily

hi. unfortunately I'm not the kind to randomly love random people in the Internet, but I can say you're an okay person, too

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I think you being Torilegend just about sums up toribash.

edit: what are you torilegend for?

thanks. because I beat RAWR in a clan war. they had NutHug, Dargon and andreyoshi, we had me 'n juha2200. that's pretty kickass.

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Hi Tonakai. Congrats :D. Thinking of joining a clan after this?

hi. thanks. nope, I don't like clan tags.

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hi toankoanirkai

hellonz0 AKA leader of NO, Tribe, Urban, Sigma and whatever clan Faint is in
I just want to remind you that you are a mighty fine person and I like reading your comics. of the newer ones I especially liked the prego and the suit one.

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So the 2nd best GM lead of all time is a legend now. Congrats, Toni. \o/

thanks. whatcha gonna do now that you aren't the leader of the GMs?

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wth you're legend and i'm not
risk ban him????

can't touch this

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legend get tonakai

congratz m8 may your future be glorious

thanks, I shall carve my own path and walk with my head high

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u better host something.

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Tuna reboot "blood" tourney ples
Better start hosting again ;o

thanks for still having interest in that stuff, but unfortunately I'm not a very consistent person and right now I don't feel like hosting. Instead I'm doing stories about a weird self-loving person and playing indie games. but eventually I'll host something again.
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hi tonakai, my question is

where does your name come from


>inb4 Tonakai mean reindeer in japanese
I am Trocher.
What are some of your top memories from toribash
A dueler is only a good as his finest lift.

I love many people on this forum such as ...
I respect...