Can a transgender man to girl can feel the sensations of sex ? (this is a serious question, and dont tell me why i post that here)
wait just checked what is this thread, totally not the good place to post that .-.
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September of last year I started university studies. I don't know the official term in English, but it's IT stuff. Programming stuff.
I'm studying to become a game developer. My most recent courses are Music and Sound for Games, and a pre-incubator for business ideas.

In the pre-incubator I realized how much work is ahead. Games are not something that happen just like that, there's a lot of work involved both for the games and the business around it. This much is obvious - I mean, everyone knows it, there are a lot of stories circulating around the web - but during that course it hit me like a truck. It's exciting that I'm going to become a game dev, sure, but it's also frightening just thinking about the insane amounts of work ahead. I'll do it, just... gimme a moment.

Other than those, university has been super exciting for me! Feels like I'm livin' the dream. Or well, considering how I haven't reached my goal yet, I'm livin' for the dream.
Courses have included databases (MySQL, a tiny bit of NoSQL), programming in different languages (C++, C# and Python so far), data structures and algorithms, web-technologies (HTML, CSS, a little bit of JavaScript and jQuery), digital technologies, and UI programming (WPS, UWP).
It's all very basic stuff, but this is just my first year of studying, so it's bound to only get more intense. And I've even got a few projects of my own!

As for before studies, I was battling with severe depression. I mean, actually diagnosed with severe depression by several psychiatrists (I think the proper term is "severe depressive episode without psychotic symptoms"), not teen princess complaining. I could tell you more about it, but it's not really relevant anymore. I've managed to fend it off mostly, although depression usually is not the kind of a disease that ever goes away, but I have tools and knowledge to figure out when I'm in a depressed mood and how to deal with it.

In short, I'm a happy man! Gone through a lot, but became a better person thanks to that. Thanks for asking!

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Can a transgender man to girl can feel the sensations of sex ? (this is a serious question, and dont tell me why i post that here)

don't worry, you can be the little girl
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wait just checked what is this thread, totally not the good place to post that .-.

thanks for making me lol irl
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Do you still follow One Piece? What's your favorite and least favorite arc? Favorite and least favorite protagonist & antagonist?
yeah, I do. uhh, those are tough questions, I like all of them...

Foxy arc was weird and felt unnecessary, but it was still good on its own way. Favorites include Alabasta, Skypiea, Arlong, Baratie, Water Seven/Enies Lobby, goddamnit ALL OF THEM!
As for protagonists, Sanji always struck me as super interesting. He's smart and goofy and cool at the same time.
I have to admit that Usopp was disappointing after the time skip, but still, he's not bad. Brooke was also disappointing immediately after he was recruited, but still... eh whatever, you know the drill.

One Piece really is a one-of-a-kind series. You can't replicate that complex of a world with so many characters without becoming a super long series.
I was personally pretty disappointed about how little we got to see Enel since his devil fruit is arguably one of the best, if not the best in the series. Also a little bit tilted how they keep dragging the arcs way longer than they need to be, but it's understandable since the anime is really close to the manga D:

Another question: what's your favorite devil fruit in the series?
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Jonathan was handsome. Very handsome. Oh so very handsome. In fact, he is so handsome he can not start his day without checking himself out from the mirror first. It's an act that takes priority even over breakfast. Unfortunately it's also why he tends to be late from any morning appointments, but that doesn't shake him too much, as handsome men obviously live in their own time.

Today however, Jonathan had no early appointments, as he was still on vacation. This meant that Jonathan could check himself out from the mirror for as long as he wished - at least until his hunger started being unbearable. But still, admiring his breath-taking looks always comes first, no exceptions.

After his morningly self-checks, Jonathan went for breakfast. Ah, currant porridge from handpicked currants mixed with milk. The milk waters down the strong taste of the currants and brings a special kind of softness. The softness that should always be present in breakfasts! The taste is magnificent, definitely worth the praise! Jonathan felt regret over the fact that he couldn't name this tasty comestible to his own name.

While eating, Jonathan started pondering. What other reasons are there for his greatness? Obviously his incredibly handsome appearance is the first and foremost...

"Grats, you're now a legend!"

"Hey, thanks man! That has been obvious to me for as long as I can remember, but it doesn't hurt to have someone reminding me that!"

Usually, when someone faces a situation where he is abruptly congratulated for becoming a legend, the normal, general reactions in order would be 1) doubting that the voice was calling to him, 2) realizing after approximately 4.7 seconds that the voice was, indeed, calling to him, 3) doing a bemused expression, and finally, 4) nervously saying "what," most likely in an embarrassing, high-pitched voice.

But nothing like that happened to Jonathan. In fact, it could be said that the exact opposite happened to him: He deduced what was said was told to him, made a wide smile filled with joy, and responded accordingly. This all happened in an instant, as if he had practiced this in advance. Which in fact he did publicly in front of the reflections of the windows when he was still in comprehensive school. This resulted to everyone marking him as the weirdo of the school.

It took Jonathan exactly 4.7 seconds to realize that the situation wasn't normal. The voice wasn't normal, that is. He lives alone in a 28 square meter apartment and surely nobody would pick his door open. See, it's locked. So, what was the voice in his head?

"That's right! I must have become a superhero!" Jonathan proclaimed out loud, standing up from the chair and swinging his left arm all the way up, pointing to the ceiling. "That voice was most likely my spider senses or something," he thought. "Wait... Does this mean I can fly now!?" Without further ado, he crouches, bringing his arm down and curling both arms to his sides and fisting his hands. He gathers his energy to his feet, or at least imagines so, and... Lifts off! With a mighty, powerful jump, his right arm stretched above him just like Superman, he flies... To about 56 centimeters in the air, and then falls down safely on his two feet.

It takes Jonathan about 4.7 seconds to realize with an audible "Damnit!" that he didn't fly through the roof and see the horizon stretching in front of his eyes, just like he had imagined. Ah man, that didn't quite work out. And he was so excited, too.

Keep trying, Jonathan!


no you're thinking of water. milk milks things down
Zoro > Sanji tho, also Foxy arc was the only thing never mentioned again in the series.

Brook was underwhelming but he shined post skip especially big mom arc imo

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