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what is my favourite colour


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how do i buy socks in nwn

i want socks

why do you want socks

also i updated my post for clarification, last thing I want (and im sure anyone for that matter) is this board turning into wibbles
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<@suomynona> 3 yes's, 4 rawrs...
<@Deanster-Drunk> was v close
<@suomynona> lol
<Snide_the_Clyde> im better at judo
<@suomynona> Snide_the_Clyde: I think you're in. But I almost told myself that...
<@Deanster-Drunk> welcome
<Snide_the_Clyde> yay!!!
...hrm. Looks like the thread's right to me. *whistles innocently*

Long time no see, Snide, how's things?
Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
i'm only slightly disturbed by the fact that you can casually pull up chat logs from a decade ago
Holy shit, I can't believe you actually have those logs. Good, very good. Just glad to see that tb is still around really and hasn't changed for the most part. Now I hope to actually stick around if at all possible, i'ts so easy to get distracted...
I just want to say, your story, simple yet effective.
"Do you explore the unknown or are you afraid of losing your throne?" I am Soon.
why do you have the logs for everything
do you just have a HDD dedicated to spirit logs
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