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well I'll just start by asking how you've been

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Can you read us a story book? You choose which one. Kthanks.

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You ever try singing with that voice?
If so, what can you sing us?

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If you'd have to make a list of the top 5 video games you've ever played, what would they be?

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honest opinion on the american snack foods industry?
Do russian accent or any Slovakian accent you know or any other accent you know.
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get ur dick out

get ur dick out?
[21:55] Icky: How the fuck can i make witty lines about blossoms without going full weeb

is it allowed to get penguins drunk in antarctica?
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Why your voice so sexy?
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How much did I have to pay you to have you reading a love text to my girlfriend?
What's the chance of having she kissing you instead of me at the end of the text?
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