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Tags - Your thread will need one, pick wisely!
To assist our developers in finding good ideas that they can personally work on, we have implemented a tagging system. This isn't quite the same tag system that is used in Market or elsewhere around the forums. For one, you can search by tag in this system, by looking at the bottom left corner just under the main thread listing: just choose a prefix and you'll be able to look at threads with that prefix as you please.

When you post a thread, you will now be required to choose a tag for it.

Here's what the tags are primarily for:
[Game]: Any suggestion that involves in the ingame client, the ingame multiplayer experience, or relate to ingame effects.

[Site]: Any suggestion related to features on the site, changes to the site's layout, changes to the web based systems available to you (such as the ToriShop and the Clans system), or similar.

[Event]: Anything that we could make happen by organizing people ingame or on the forums (such as the Event Squad), whether it be a simple one-off event for fun or a month long competition.

[Community]: Suggestions that affect the community in general such as suggesting rules changes, changing TC or item availability, suggesting changes for usergroups, or for any long term change that spans across both site and game.

[Other]: If none of the above seem to fit, you can also use [Other].


If you mess up the tag, don't worry too much: we'll change it to a more appropriate tag if we feel it is necessary or warranted.

There are also a couple of moderator-only tags:
[Elevated]: The [Elevated] tag means that a suggestion has been forwarded to the developers and they are paying attention to it. Just because a thread is marked as [Elevated] does not necessarily mean that it will be implemented, but you can be assured that the developers are aware of its existence. An [Elevated] thread might be returned to a normal tag if it is determined that the developers aren't going to be working on it, but that future work on it hasn't been ruled out.

[Implemented]: A suggestion marked [Implemented] means that, to at least a significant and obvious extent, the suggestion has been made available to the public for use. It may still be up for discussion and changes, but it has definitely happened.

[Will Not Be Implemented]: Anything marked [Will Not Be Implemented] will not be implemented. Please note that if a thread has been marked as such that almost all similar suggestions will also be immediately marked as such. In short, things like 2v2 have been marked as [Will Not Be Implemented], please do not repost them. Maybe in the distant future some of these suggestions will be revisited, but don't count on it.
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