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Staff need to up their game ahead of TB Next
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I've noticed since coming back the staff don't really do much, they let people do what they couldn't back in 2015, people can be homophobic racist and they don't seem to care, here and there there are a few shit tourneys made, usually by the same 2 people, occasionally maybe someone else, i don't see many staff doing anything on the forums so what do they do?

there are staff i don't even know exist sometimes, you new guys suck, i'd honestly like to know why the standards have dropped.

though i will be honest, ed, guru, sir have definitely made it blatant they do a good job, fade seems to be helpful too, but the rest i either haven't seen, don't feel worth a second thought or seem to care.

also there's about 10 event squad members and the only good ones are vayne, and rose, i will say i see swosh, alexander, loli and fred but i think they could improve.

only tori agents i seen worth a shit is suka and sir

even if toribash next is coming soon, you guys should make the staff actually look like an important role to the community, because most the people who will play next are the little shits we have right now.

I'd also like to express that i hope that the current staff now aren't transfered to next, and that there will be a higher standard and requirement to be staff there, i think that people should have to re apply if they were staff here after reevaluating what the requirements should be, of course people like admins or higher ups would stay, but just have an open mind and actually think shit over, and don't half ass it.

and the rules need a heavy revamp.

not saying all staff are bad, but this feels low quality and half assed.

p.s i know nothing about next, or what new features, or if anyones even planned for anything like this, but i wanted to post somewhere to see what others think. :^)

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i'ma start off with saying sir is basically a tori agent because not alot of people really knows what he's doing, even if he isn't his role it sounds fitting.

rules i think that need to be worked on is a pretty big list but i'll start.

let's start with racism, regardless of it being a joke or quoted i don't think the n words should ever be said, it's cringey, innapropriate and unprofessional, along with any other slur, but i will say this, some racist jokes are okay, as long as it's not blatant hate speech, there's times where it can be actual humour instead of an immature person just saying a slur.

i have the same thing on homophobia, some jokes are okay, as long as it's not hate speech.

bans aren't much of a rule but they could be done better, i don't think people who scam, are racist, homophobic or anything of high tier like this should be allowed around even on alts until ban is removed, how this is dealth with whether it's ip/hardware ban doesn't matter bans need to be strict so people learn a lesson.

this is more so a question/suggestion i don't understand how you guys don't have an automatic bot that just bans people with slurs in there name but i'd like to understand that.

i think rules for people becoming staff need heavy fixes, there are staff that're under 18 and that itself isn't bad, shit half the underage staff have done better jobs then the older people, but it seems unprofessional and bound to probably make mistakes, i think it just needs to be more of a professional setup to become a staff, how this changes is probably best chosen by actual good staff members.

banning in general could just be alot smoother and dealt with better, i'm sure there could be a better system for this.

i don't currently have an idea of what new rules would be a good implemention but i have no doubt you staff don't have some good ideas.


i'm aware that event squad do forum events and ingame stuff, but regardless of that there's honestly just a lack of care for them in my opinion, in game tourneys are just random ass mods which people either leave before it ends or is just boring, and the forum events are nice and all, but they aren't as great as events such as clan league for example, there's just a lack of creativity and drive to push out more events on the forums, i've always thought the events on the forums were always slow.

now speaking of events, perhaps in the future there could be some sort of bonus of someone not in a staff position hosting a event that would benefit for the person hosting which i would definitely expect not to be anything profitable or anything like that, maybe reputation points if this ever gets implemented, nothing major just something to give that little spark a boost to a flame.

i think clan squad/admins are great, they just never had many of them at a time, i've only honestly had pleasent experiences with them, although i will say a bit more guideance for new clans could make them even more appreciated i feel like, i honestly have no complaint about clan squad.

market squad is pretty great too, althought sometimes the market rules can be quite confusing maybe in the future simplicate some of the rules to where it's easier to navigate, do or follow.

super mods are an important role and i don't have a complaint

but i will say for any staff position if someones not doing anything of relative importance or has in a long time, whether being gone, plain and blatantly lazy or is just being kept around because of them being staff for a long time should be fired if room is needed for other appliers.

toriagents don't need to be public is my only complaint about them.

i'd also like to say i think help squad shouldn't have been merged into tori agents, they were there to help new players or guide people, help squad were some of the best staff even though they didn't have powers, and it was a prime example of what staff should strive to be, helpful, guiding and nice.

-edit i also would like to add more discussion before removing things from the game or community would be really nice, as a lack of communication seems quite visible.

lastly, i and many others are well aware of background work staff do, but it doesn't mean that they should stop showing there attempts of good deedier publically.

p.s i feel as if i made some either inproper points or missed some points but it's 1:00 am when i posted so fuck you im tired

i dunno know what to name the title, and i just posted what i said in the wibbles thread, second part is in response to divine.

I've titled it appropriately (I hope) ~ Kore
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since when have toribash staff acted like the secret police? rofl.

I mean I'm not gonna comment on what the staff do and don't let people get away with now because I'm only just coming back to this game, but I don't know about you, but from my perspective 2015 seemed like the most lax year when it came to unfiltered speech ingame lol. Don't strawman me and say this was my only point, but isn't there a swear filter in game too now?

there's a filter sure, but it's meant for children, not being able to say fuck etc, i can assure you the people who play don't use it because it limits too much, also, having an auto speech limit doesn't fix the forums or way arounds.
meant to say you got some valid points royal, but i didn't see your post at first, making this last post so people know why i'm closing this, i've come to realize, fuck it, who cares, let's just see what happens, garbage or not we'll still be around.
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