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I cant create an account!
I made a forum account, but when i try to register ingame, it says "Network error! Please create your account from could not resolve host name" and i cant find a register thing on, just on this forum. I used the same username,email, and password from my account and it still wont work.
If you can't create an account, how are you making this thread.
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The account you're using on this forum IS your ingame account aswell.
Just use your forum account/password and you're all good.
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Try creating a ingame and a forum account and using the Username and password for the ingame account with the forum account.

Either this or all of this is a joke.
1) Make sure your account is verified. (make sure you got a verification email from toribash)

2) You should see a bar that says: "User CP Register Competitions FAQ"... THAT is the register you need to click on.

3) Make sure your password is absolutely correct. Capitalizations and everything are important.
Maybe your firewall blocks toribah. Be sure that your firewall allows toribash.exe to have access to network. Disable your antivirus then try to log on in-game.