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How Do I change character's entire sizes?
I want to have a small Tori fight a big Uke, how do you entirely change their sizes? I know I might sound stupid
you have to edit every single joint duh you expect a basic option for it hell no lol you cant even make a normal triangle without wasting atleast 3 objects
isn't this already a mod? I can't find it in the games mod list anymore, but I remember playing a mod like that (was around 2008-2010 if I remember correctly) and also a twinswords version of the mod where the smaller tori would be launched up toward the bigger one.
You must have got confused there pal no one said for him not to make it... I was simply putting a suggestion out there that might save him some time, so calm yourself down.
Again, it was a suggestion so not at all. I didn't once say not to make anything, I was simply trying to save him some time if that sounded close to what he wanted. Anyway as this is getting off topic why don't you send me a private message if you still need me to explain this.
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its a way of stopping him from making what he wanted

I gotta agree with my man Sane here, even though I'm almost certain you have to edit every bodypart one piece at a time, finding a mod that already exists COULD help too (regardless of whatever OP wants the mod for). (always better than nothing, right?).
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