Bumpmap Textures. - 150k+

But due to the fact it is not very needed to alot of players in TB, it will most likely go down to a low 70-100k

DAxxx: Luv those flames. r/l hands in a set ~250k. Head 80-120k

Fireless: Ironic. uh, 100k a flame? More if you use that pic.
- its been a while
Evaluation Type: (Tc)
TC total:61k
Inventory link:
Ban/infraction history:4 infaractions
Booster/Toribash prime information:50Tc booster/prime
Anything else you wish to add:Set and flames
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Evaluation Type: USD
Name: BkRabbit
TC total: 250k
Inventory link:
Ban/infraction history: 4 infractions, 3 have expired...
Booster/Toribash prime information: 1000x booster. ends 7/15/09
Anything else you wish to add: Nope

About $70-$90 I'd say. Would have to get more details on the flames etc in order to value that accurately.
lead Sigma
Evaluation Type: BOTH
Name: Aspire
TC total: 150000+
Qi: 11932
Inventory link:
Ban/infraction history: rather not talk about it
Booster/Toribash prime information: TB Prime expires May 2010
Anything else you wish to add: n/a
I was skipped guys...
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