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Better Fighting Program On Fight School (Better Uke)
Hello Fellas, I've noticed that when I fight uke on Fight School. I notice uke only does an opener and last 2/3 spaces long till he stops programming any fight moves. I feel like uke should be programmed better. Which I mean each time you'd upgrade to a new belt, uke should be more active on their fighting system.(meaning uke should be more aggressive each belt upgrade) Also custom-made openers from other players, should be programmed onto uke. I also expect uke to keep on controlling after each space and another. So it could be showing the player against uke his/her skills.

It can be a challenge for that one player. P.S. One player has no access to internet or can't go online. Then, you can have better uke, better programming system to uke, and show off the fun more during offline.

Thanks For The Attention!
Cracker Of 87
The thing is, every player does a different move, which would cause uke to maybe dq himself or put him in disadvantage when moved more (if he would be programmed simple)

If however uke would know the difference for example of being in the air and which joint is grabbed and to counter that then it would have success. I believe atleast. Would still sure be a mess to do this.

Aside of that, i think the idea with people doing moves you can let uke do would be a fun implement. I dont know how the database works and if it could support such thing but yeah i like that point!
Please keep in mind that the Fight Uke tutorial is intended to prepare new players for multiplayer action, not act as an offline mode for players above black belt.