Clan League 2023
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Three different item categories [ 1.Common , 2.Rare , 3.Super Rare ]
First of all I want to state that this idea has been taken from some other games, With a slight touch of my magic.

Benefits would be:
-Huge and constant TC sink
-Interesting Items, to brag and add to collections.

Down side would be:
Toribash will need more artists

Here's the Idea itself:

1.Common items description

1.Rare items description

1.Super Rare items description

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There sort of are collectible rare and super rare items already, they're just not categorized I guess.
I don't think it's necessarily a good thing to put items into categories. There already are rare items and they can remain being rare without having a label on them.
Items that are planned to be rare already have either a lower stock or / and higher pricing. They'll still become unavailable once the stock runs out, but there's no economic sense to remove them off shop before that unless they're unpopular. And if people don't want to buy them, there's nothing cool about the item even if it's captioned to be "rare".