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Better Poses In Tori-Shop
The 1337 pose is too limiting (and not cool anymore). Even just a replay like the new flame preview would be nice, and as a person who has never coded shit before, seems pretty simple for a change.
Maybe adding to inmmortal8 a bit, how about a way to dl the item and load it onto the player (if it's an item that would allow it).

For example:
/dl ShutterShades
/lp 1 ShutterShades

and then the item is loaded onto the player, and ofc you'd need new commands but this would actually be incredibly helpful I have many times had to track down players who had an item active to see if i would want to have purchased it or not.

And this would also solve Aboriginally's problem as well.
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this is an even better idea, just like how we can use flame id's on our tori's