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Head Displays (ability to display multiple head textures)
I think a lot of people I know have like atleast 2 head textures they love and can obviously only show off one at a time

so my suggest would be to allow people to active multiple of those items that show a little icon of your head in the upper corner next to your name and then you should be able to download different textures to each one

also you should make them bigger so you can actually see the details

this would allow people to show off multiple head textures at once!

: v
this actually sounds pretty dope (And easy to do!)
the only issue im worried about is my screen being filled up with these because someone loves to collect them and has 40 on at once
art horder. i like art.
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Maybe get artists to pay for a theoretical 'license' they are usually fairly well off TC wise, and if they were to implement anything like this it would make it expensive or impossible for every player to have too many heads.
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how would this go?
Like alternative sets?


like just multiple head icons you can display
It'll just cause more files to be downloaded, causing more lag when downloading players textures.

I do like the idea, just use the head avatar, don't see why you need it to be only for artists tho, I make a lot of art but rarely sell it. So not all artists are well off.
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wtf its not only for artists, its for anyone to show off art, and it wouldn't cause lag lol... do you know how hard it is to dl a full 512 joint set compared to this
The only issue with it is that it caused for more files of something that already exists. You're also asking for it to be larger, it probably wouldn't cause too many issues to do, but is so rudimentary, few would truly use it to show off their art. That's what they use the market forums for already. I think the idea is interesting, just would be under used. If you see where I'm coming from. Since it would be pretty hard to display heads in the icons, since it doesn't show the back of the head. Just floats around the front of it.
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it could like slowly spin or you could drag your mouse over it to move it around

why are these cool kids with anime avatars attacking my sicc ass idea