Clan League 2023
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Coupple of ideas
Right now in Toribash, you can only play 2 players online.But if there was more than 2 players, it would revelusionise Toribash as we know it today. I really hoped of this feature being a real thing instead of being a dream everyone thought it would make TB better. Also, the fractures on the limbs dosent look that realistic as they only go in one direaction. A fracture shoould go all direaction deppending on the movement or somthing. Hey, this is just an idea. I dont expect it to be listened and be impliamented. but you can use this idea, i dont mind
The problem is with the fractures going one way. In Toribash there is naturally only one directipm a joint moves. It moves on a plane. Mods can change the plane they work on, so they'd have to add an extra set of movements for that to work and would just make the game more complicated and harder to play.

Also we've had the 4 player games in 3.0, no one has made that again, but probably because the code for the fame has changed so much. Perhaps if enough people ask for it they may do it again. I certainly would lilebto see it again.
yeah,you are right on that one. a freind of mine did show us the 4 player thing and its on youtube
Yeah, but as for the fracture thing. That wouldn't be too hard I suppose, but it would just make the game harder than necessary.
Toribash Joints are designed to work on planes and allowing free movement from a fracture would only be detremental.
Also read the rules