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Reverse Ignore
So like for example, say there is someone you don't want to hear, you can have it so that they can't hear you when you say something, I guess you can do this with whispers, but like just one person you don't want to hear you and want to hear everyone else. Since right now you can only ignore people, but they can still hear you speak, well rather, see.
It looks like a good idea, but according to my point of view I do not see it as necessary, but to be an idea this is very well, (it's my opinion maybe someone has happened to him a lot and he loves this idea)
Personally, I have no need to ignore people or have people ignore me, I don't care for it myself, i am offering it up so other people could maybe have since people would like something like this. It is just like, well you can ignore them, but you can't have them ignore you so they will see what you are typing, and may still cause issues in the game.
Simple way to abuse it that instantly comes to mind: "reverse ignore" a user and start talking shit about him. Unlike whisper, this all still happens in a public chat so everybody would see it - except for that user.
I see what you mean, but it's more the idea that I was going for with the being able to ignore, but them still hear you. so I don't know, maybe if someone ignores someone, that person is also vice versa.
So neither hear each other
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Ignore would do that anyway. You don't see his shit so you don't need to formulate any reply to it. So why would anything you say that he can see, be related to him?
I would say that him seeing you and you not seeing him, then he can say something and other people will see it and then that can cause issues with the people on the server getting rowdy.
How can that create issues in the server?

You say X
Person you ignored says Y
people reply to X and Y
You explain you have ignored person A and don't see what he says.
Continue as normal

Where is the issue exactly?
I mean not my brightest idea, but i mean the issue I see is annoying people, but cannot be avoided, I mean it could cause confusion for players A and B. I will close the thread now.