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Item Directory
Just to add to an idea I saw before that would be interesting. You could have a directory with mod making items. So, say you made a box, you can add it to the directory and name it what you need to. You could even make a table with multiple objects, group them, and save that to the directory. I don't know if this is a thing already, but I thought it was, or would be, a useful thing for mod makers. Also I know this would be a script so.
It looks an excellent idea, but if they could not put flames in one eye (which everyone says you can not do that in this game) I do not know how they will, but it is an excellent idea
the dude is just angry because nobody supported his idea,so ignore him.

as for the idea,its quite good,it could actually be useful.and why create a script for that?
i think they could just re-use the script for saving the mods....right?

also,adding to the idea,maybe you could assign an object to a key in the keyboard,and when you press that key,a copy of the object appears.it could be useful when creating a mod with weapons,or with more that 1 of the same object.

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No i am just confused as to what flames and eyes have to do with this suggestion. XD

Also, I am saying it would be a script, because something like movememory.