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Get rid of tk and replace it with boxshu mushu v3 no one likes tk besides weird ppl and I and others believe more people would just prefer boxshu in its place. Please take this thread seriously Because TK FUCKING SUCKS

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If you, for example, want more aikido in public servers, you should post it in the above thread, and not in this board.

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Read the rules next time, I'm going to leave this open because its already developed a discussion, and moving it would confuse people
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Well how would you feel if I told you people think boxshu sucks, but TK doesn't. I think it's fair to habe mods people don't like for fairness to everyone. I see no need to remove a mod in place of another, it will just upset other people. It is a two way road there.
How many people so many opinions
TK is also an official mod which brings you much more skill than boxshu or something
Kinda weird to make such threads because of your own annoyance
tk is an official mod because people thought it was good in 2009, nowadays no one plays tk

i support boxshu in tks place ^_^
pm me your questions or applications

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cash to burn
A lot of people hates TK... sir should make a voting site on what TK should be replaced with

For example:
Replace TK with pub_boxshu.tbm
Replace TK with pub_mushu.tbm
Replace TK with pub_wushu.tbm
Keep TK
the community is quite fragmented -- only abd has majority appeal, followed by aikido, boxshu, and lenshu

after that, judofrac, tk, erthtk, rkmma, and wushu are about equally liked, almost certainly within different sections of the community

not sure what sirs plans are, but i doubt that we'll keep the same ranking rotation throughout the whole season. i think we can expect most of these mods to make an appearance in one variation or another

tl;dr we've done polls in the past that show that tk isn't actually all that disliked by a lot of the community compared to some of the other "b-tier" mods (those that aren't aikido, abd, lenshu, or boxshu), its just that the people who dislike it are extremely loud. it's unpopular amongst hardcore duelers and such, but like was mentioned earlier, surely the mod choices shouldn't cater to a minority to the community like that.
i just don't get how boxshu hasn't been implemented into rankings yet after like 2 years, it's literally as popular as abd
i support removing tk for boxshu as literally 80% of the people ive played in ranking say that tk sucks.