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Customizable hotkeys and a little change in the replay hotkey.
So, I had a problem with the hotkeys for the chat recently and it crossed my mind that the game doesn't have customizable hotkeys, so if some of your keys doesn't work, welp, that's rough buddy but nothing you can do (well, you could map your keys to bypass this issue, but that isn't really solving it for everyone).
Also, even when your keys work just fine, the game might not be able to recognize some keys (exactly my issue).
For example, my "Pg Up" and "Pg Dn" buttons are in the numpad (example below), in every other aplication they work fine, but in Toribash they don't. When the Numlock is activated, I can write the numbers, so it's not an issue with the keyboard, when deactivated some keys work, some don't.

Big img

Also, I've searched in the forum if there was any way to implement this, and I found this lua script for a specific customizable set of keys. Wouldn't be a lot easier if this was implemented natively on the game? Give the players some freedom on how they want to play or use the hotkeys.

And now the replay hotkey.
I've noticed that when using the "Ctrl+[" or "Ctrl+]" hotkeys, it loads the next replay, in the "root" folder, even when I'm watching a replay on the "my replays" folder. So for example in this video that I tried to make a gif but failed:

1 - The current replay it's on the replay folder.
2 - I select a replay from the "my replay" folder.
3 - When pressing "Ctrl+[", it doesn't go for the next replay in the "my replay" folder, but the next replay in "replay" folder.
Also, I found this thread about an issue with this action, which probably happened because the replay folder was empty, so it loads... nothing.

So, TL;DR.
1 - Customizable hotkeys on the configuration menu.
2 - Next replay hotkey loads the next replay in the folder you choose.