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~{ Modding Contest! }~
-only one mod per person.
-NO holding spots (you will be added to the list when you post your mod).
-you can use a mod you've already made.
-you can change your mod at any time before the voting.
-winner will be desided with a vote (i will also be voting :P)
-prize is 1000 credits and a little secret prize =D so make them good!

anybody can join
contestents: ~ mod ~ special settings:
- Jam0864 ~ realisticmotorlancing.tbm ~ distance=2000+ (Personal favourite of 3000), height=30, Self Damage=OFF, DM threshold=1000000000
- Irtorius ~ Werevamp vs Warrior.tbm ~ none
- The Dirty Carl ~ dualpistols.tbm ~ none
- Drakhir ~ Rasengan.tbm ~ Recommended distance: 300
- TheMuumi ~ 0001.tbm ~ none
- Casey ~ rubber men.tbm ~none

(mods are downloadable from above links)
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One question. How would the mod be judged? The amount of fun to play, the complexity?
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I'll enter! Not sure what mod yet, but my motorcycle mod seems pretty popular, so I'll try and make another version of that.
I know you can only post one mod, but can you post like a single player and multiplayer version of it?
When are these due in by?
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My mod is done...Attached to this post.
Recommended Game Rules
DM Threshold = 1000000000
Distance = 4000+
Self Damage = OFF
Height = 60
Best played in multiplayer, if you want a shot mulitplayer, ask me when I'm online and I'll set up a server... =D
Lance is instagib, although the wheels aren't they give you loads of points on impact with uke...
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motorcyclelancing.tbm (1.6 KB, 26 views)
... can mods be made by a nonregged player?

I mean of course you can modify the game as a textfile, but can you effectively test it without being registered?

i'm asking this because i could really use credits, don't ask why :P (starting with "r")
... so i can only make a mod blind if i won't register first... *sigh* i'm not the artistic kind, so i won't be able to get creds by selling sigs and stuff either... quess i'll just buy it with real €uro$