Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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[Aqours] Aqours Recruitment * •˚ * ~

-Welcome to the Aqours Recruitment Thread!-

If you wanna join Aqours, it's simple.


- Name you would like to be called by

- Discord

- Skills/Learning

- Reason for wanting to join

- Some stuff about yourself (Optional)


You can also talk to us on Discord if it's easier for you that way

Good luck!
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Hello I'm Dan. I don't wanna learn anything cause im a lazy fuck also I'm shit at favorite anime is fuck weebs and shits. my discord is misosgay#6969
[ L A M E _ D U D E ]
damn right it is
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i wanna be called by ur mom and my skills are building walls some stuff about me is that i hate u my times zone is ijhfoaihfoiahfioae
chax what the fuck
who are you
I know manifestus is made by Jacob(cunt) and azareel(unloyal bitch)
but does everyone their hates miso?
if it is then lemme join you guys
justamess your app is accepted
now just hangout in discord for a while
if we think your good we will accept you
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name : hype
dc= icyz#4432
time zone ,pst
skills idk akido xd
i wanna join because this clan seems nice and i want to get in aclan anyways x)
stuff about me i like pizza,lol