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i need some plebs to play with me

uplay : MLG360NORUSH
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im stuck with strict nat type and cant play with anyone for some reason

get better internet instead of that wack ass hillbilly shit you're using

- skizz love u fallu
Time to revive this deadass thread

I've been hardstuck diamond for the past 2 weeks now thanks to me not knowing warden's buffs
Anyone playing now that marching fire is out?
Rep 6 Tiandi and feeling fiiine.
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Discord link for updates and highlights from streams:
Repped shaolin and nuxia to 5 and struggling to decide who to progress with, think it might have to be nuxia.
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Interesting to see fellas playing the game around here.

Marching Fire is a neat addition, removing Gear Stats is a pretty smart move and I'm sure more "at release" features are going to be removed/changed simply because they're so tone deaf and strange.

Out of the new characters, I enjoy the Shaolin the most, and I'm fairly confident that Guan Yu is the strongest.

Curious to see how balance progresses at the glacial pace it currently is, but I'm still playing off and on as usual. Wouldn't be opposed to playing with fellas sometime if I get a little more active with the game.

I'm just having a hard time getting back into it, I think the game is incredibly bad, but overall pretty fun to play.

What do you fellas think of Marching Fire, or For Honor in general?
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Been farming this game for a month or two now, it’s almost the only game I actively play nowadays.

I play warden, peacekeeper and sometimes oroshi (but my teammate mains oroshiand since I actually almost only do brawls and duels...). I’m not really high rep (rep 10 warden, rep 1 pk) but I have a higher level than most of rep 10, so I only play ranked.
Been stuck in Diamon V for days now, most of the fights here are against 120+ repsso... hard asf.

The new season is pretty neat, tho there were some really bad changes, such as a shugoki nerf (the only hero who were on C tier for duels, brawls, 4v4 excluding dominions and breach...) and a gladiator nerf, even tho the glad is pretty balanced, his zone is hard to counter but we get used to that.
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I main Warden a currently low teir character and still manage to maintain a 70% W/L and a near 2.0 kdr playing mainly brawl/duel.

Warden is S tier in every platform, due to his shoulder bash that can be canceled at any time and lots of incredible mixups
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Repped shaolin and nuxia to 5 and struggling to decide who to progress with, think it might have to be nuxia.

You shouldn’t loose your time with nuxia, she’s.... so bad, like wth. Her deflect isn’t garanteed, she doesn’t deal tons of damages, the strongest hit is her traps but it’s 100% dodgeable (I usually make lots of nuxia ragequit when I emote dodge there traps uhu)
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Heyo fellas,

If anyone around is still playing, opinions on Vortiger? Shugoki buff? (imo)

I'm thinking Vortiger has set a new bar of dumbfounding design decisions, and the Shugoki buff was pretty needed.

Not even mentioning the Warlord, fella still feels like he's in the pits.
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Vortiger is OP as fuck. If you can time your blocks and that dumb ass unstoppable counter attack, you can’t be touched!!!

No but seriously, it’s pretty easy to counter with shield breaks and parrying the slow ass attacks. Shugoki is p ass in my opinion. I main kensei, the dodge heavy is broke still but you can parry it pretty easy it has long frames. I’m starting to pick up orochi, super fun.

i miss you ocean