Your part wasn't bad at all. Just the hand-standing was a bit long and weird (like "why are you doing that ? ^^) Good jumps, you improved in that.

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Thanks for the comment. And for the hand-stand part was supposed to be a full spin like a breakdance type thing but unfortunatly there was a lack of communication so eazybreezy started to punch therefore causing my rotation to mess up.

I edited the K.O and the reaction of the spar because i noticed and it looked a little wierd. So i edited it but for some reason eazybreezy became uke
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Omega : Open the replay with notepad and change uke by eazybreezy ;)

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

Yeah that spar was fun and thanks mocucha for the info. I am gonna start posting a new spar soon
Here is my most recent spar with xxmonstoxx but i had to leave early so it was really quick but i wonder how it would have turned out as a full spar.
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Here is a short staff spar that i did with mocucha, it was really fun and my first time tell me what you think.
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Omega-Spar with Eazy = I don't really like how stiff you were for a couple frames after Eazy punched your chest at the first 300. I liked your momentum you gained after doing those jumps. I didn't really like how you were on your hands for like 300 frames/200. Also the KO was sweet

(6.7-10) c: das all
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Mzebra: I believe the mod for that replay was called Jisse_Parkour_shit.tbm
Here is one of my recent replays, I kinda messed up in middle of it where that jump is, i didnt get enough air but it started to get good towards the end so here it is. Hope you like it
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Parkour time
I haven't posted any parkour replays in a while soooo.......
Here! Leave a comment guys to let me know what i need to improve on and if you like it
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