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[w] want to be a winner?
what's up losers. if you want to be a winner, all you have to do is fill out this application below.

favorite color:
have you told your mom that you're gay? (y/n):
is ancient a good boy:
why do you want to join [w]?:

hello please join our discord and hang around us for a while so we can get to know you
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name: Marcos
age: 17
GMT: -3
language(s): Portuguese, English
favorite color: Rainbow
have you told your mom that you're gay? (y/n): she was the one who told me I'm gay
is ancient a good boy: who's Ancient?
tell us stuff: stuff
name: Olivia.
age: 20.
GMT: -8
language(s): English, broken Spanish.
favorite color: Prussian blue.
have you told your mom that you're gay? (y/n): Sure.
is ancient a good boy: The black man who follows him outside when it's sunny seems to think so.
tell us stuff: Well, I've been playing for just about 10 years and can pretty much hold my own in most competitive mods - but that's boring so I'll just be a little inclusive into my personal life whether you like it or not. I'm currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying environmental health science; which is pretty cool except for the fact that some people believe we're the antichrist and making it all up. shrug. I don't really game that much outside of Toribash. I'm mainly into sports, particularly soccer, tennis, and badminton - even though I move like a log. That's just about it. I'll join your Discord or something.

your name is olivia are you a girl and single
<[Alpha]Diamond> in short: you count pings, you run, you lick boots
i have a rich dad
pm me your questions or applications


dance with my dogs in the night time
cash to burn
what do black kids and rich white kids have in common?
<[Alpha]Diamond> in short: you count pings, you run, you lick boots
name: Michael
age: 20
GMT: +9
language(s): english, australian english what's the difference?
favorite color: pink for sure
have you told your mom that you're gay? (y/n): i told her today
is ancient a good boy: i think he's a real man, not a boy, it's kinda hard to take ancient as a nickname
why do you want to join [w]?:
I am an artist, but I do arts in real life, I'm suck at digital art, and I've won achievements with my art. IN REAL LIFE, also I'm great at trading, believe it or not, I've trade my friend's phone with a banana

Well, I like this clan's roster. I know you all never see me before, but I heard a lot about you all, especially gentleman, budsi, and fade. I know I'm not cool enough to apply, but I think i can be qualified for this.

I've lead a clan before, it's Faze (along with deltacat) and our clan broke because of the huge difference between me, him, and our members and I think I'm not good enough for leading a clan.

I learned about clan a lot from my cousin, dzanks and idk where he is rn (can't find him) and some clan guy random via ingame

So, I love this clan, I love these people, I love being a winner and I can sure you all that I can give activities ingame and forum, I can help on wars and participating in every way.

Hope you all love and will consider this app, thanks
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