GMT: -7 Mountain Time

language(s): English

favorite color: Seabreeze

have you told your mom that you're gay? (y/n): NO

is ancient a good boy: I mean sometimes.

why do you want to join [w]?: I just want to find a group of people that I can vibe with, I make hella jokes and love to fuck about. I am also gonna work on being a better player in hopes of helping [w]in Clan League. (get it, cause the clan name is win)

Also Discord link is invalid.
Turning over a new leaf!
I am gonna wake someone when september ends
Indonesian? | Magical Mode!
Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything it touches.

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Huge L rejected for like green day

Huge L for not liking Green Day!
Turning over a new leaf!