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[R] 100k Pure/ Alpha Imperial set.
Hey, Im willing to pay up to 100k for a really nice HQ set.
My force is pure and my lax is alpha imperial.
The head is to be 512x512 so put a lot of time into it for a good payout.
The rest of the set is 128x128 so not as much detail is necessary though it is appreciated.
I love clean art with nice accents.
I appreciate the following styles:
Cartoon (BUT NOT EMO!)
This set will be bought for what its worth, so spend 2 minutes in gimp and you'll get 2 minutes worth of my tc.

Im excited to see who steps up to this one.

You can but unless its good you may only get around 50k
If you're going to try then don't forget woos and a lot of detail on the head
Autocorrect. I operate through a smartphone.
as long as you put your heart into it im sure ill love it.
I saw the pure and violet set. Loved it.
Aw shucks, I'm blushing. I'm glad you like my work. Just to give you an update, I've already started drawing how this set will look like with my trusty pencil, pen and eraser. I like to draw out my ideas before I commence texture-making but I'll starting posting WIPs here when I start making the flats. Cheers.
k, finished head 512 with the style u love, if u like it i will continue body, if not i will have another try also, its not premade... what do u think?


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Mudbox is Shit :<
do u want me to add more on the head? i really can't find anything to draw on it...
krisis13 was defeated by 00Assassin00 on Jun 16, 2016.
Mudbox is Shit :<