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easy tc
Anyone know any quick easy ways to get tc?
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There are various ways to get tc in toribash, but I don't necessarily think there are fast ways, you can participate in tourneys and win various amounts, you can try marketing, that can offer you TC if you can do it correctly. Or you can grind games in public match and get the 10 tc prize. I wish this was of help to you, and best of luck
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If you are skilled at finding deals, marketing is probably the best way to go. Otherwise, I have no idea what the best way is.
Marketing, betting, making art, Doing special events on the forums or in game, doing normal tourneys, and Dueling if you like that, hope this helped.
buy it at cheap prices, economy is flooded so I'd say 12k+/USD is the only decent deal
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Making art is the safest, and can bring you the most money if u are very good
Then marketing, but requires you to know the prices well
Then winning games with boosters
Buying the tc etc
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Dueling and lifting

Translation: Fighting without honor

anyway, art can bring in a ton of tc with no risk except some wasted time on your part, while betting is easier and less time consuming but gives you the risk of losing everything. people also sell tc for about 10k per $1. Text sells me some sometimes, and if you dont have much time to do anythign in the toribash realm that might be a good option.
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Translation: Fighting without honor

Well it is a fast way to make tc:

basically the fastest way to get lots of tc is buying it.
You can try marketing, though you need to know the prices of items.
If you are skilled enough, duel and lift to also get easy tc.
You can also do art(if you are good at making art).
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